About The Fabric Source

The Fabric Source was granted funding during autumn 2013 from the Green Fund for Business Development under the Danish Business Agency and has been up and running since Monday 24th February 2014


The aim of The Fabric Source is to prove that beautiful fashion can be sustainable without compromising design, price, quality and to promote more products and production methods with less negative impact on the environment.


At The Fabric Source you can get inspired by more than 2,000 sustainable fabrics from over 30 countries all year round – with more to be added on an ongoing basis. Users have the possibility to place orders - individually or with other brands to gain better minimum volumes and prices. The exclusive collection of fabrics ranges from basic piece goods, innovative fabrics to trend based premier samples.

The platform provides all the necessary facilities for designers, purchasers, and other production stakeholders, such as fabric samples, inspiration swatches, colour books, professional textbooks and databases.

Instead of seeking individual suppliers and book separate samples, the platform provides a shared database and information for designers and purchasers about where and how to produce more sustainable and thereby reduce environmental and climate impact through the entire value chain.

The design and inspiration process needs the highest discretion and private workspace. Access is therefore only granted through online booking system or via direct personal booking.


The Fabric Source will be available Tuesdays and Thursdays by prebooking at booking@fabricsource.dk. This will expand the opportunities for inspiration beyond the existing trade fairs and exhibitions, the few weeks a year they take place in Munich, Milan and Paris.


Trough online systems like The Higg Index and The RDM-Beta tool, users will be able to test their fabric choice, single styles or entire collections and measure the environmental and social impacts across the products’ lifecycle and throughout the value chain.

These tools provide indispensable knowledge necessary to create the changes towards a more sustainable fashion and textile industry.


The platform will also be a knowledge-sharing information center and aim to educate and provide quick directional guidance to designers and purchasers during their product creation process about the potential environmental impacts of their design solutions.

Workshops, lectures, webinars and other events with sustainable topics as key focus will support the physical platform with expertise knowledge from many of our partners. Over time, the platform will also engage in collaborations with research institutions, suppliers and fashion companies to develop new materials based on Scandinavian strongholds such as milk, wool, biomass, fish, enzymes and other agriculture-related fields.


The Fabric Source is supported by various partners such as CLASS, Le Souk, Ethical Fashion Forum, The interior concept is built in collaboration with Steenfatt and Jonasedvard, two furniture – and product designers, educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design. They have a strong mindset and passion for sustainable materials and solutions, ranging from single lamps to large scale installations.