The Fabric Source launched

Johan Arnø Kryger
Posted on
Thursday, 6 March 2014

On Monday, February 24 2014, the Danish Fashion Institute opened the doors to the largest collection of green materials in the North. More than a 100 people representing fashion companies, education institutes, and other interested parties got their first glimpse at more than 500 samples of textile fabrics produced with sustainability in mind.

The project The Fabric Source is a unique joint initiative lead by the Danish Fashion Institute (DAFI) as a part of the Nordic Initiative, Clean and Ethical (NICE) project. The Fabric Source is the North’s first Nordic sustainable fabric library. The aim is to accommodate the fashion industry’s need for organized information and guidance about sustainable fabrics and encourage further innovation within the field. Located at the Design Society on H.C Andersens Boulevard in Copenhagen, the library’s collection ranges from natural and organic textiles to repurposed and recycled fabrics, as well as innovative renewables.

»We know that sustainability begins with the choice of materials and that the industry seeks guidance and knowledge in this area. The Fabric Source is a giant step toward helping the industry in a more sustainable direction« says Eva Kruse, CEO of Danish Fashion Institute.

To make it an easy choice to work with innovative and sustainable fabrics, The Fabric Source also offers access to a supplier database, where users can find more information about suppliers, certificates and contact information’s. Furthermore, it will also be a knowledge-sharing platform aimed at educating designers and purchasers by providing quick directional guidance about the potential environmental impacts of their design solutions.

So if you are a designer, purchaser or production manager, who wants to upgrade your designs by embracing the possibilities of new and sustainable materials, then dig into The Fabric Source library in Denmark. All you need to do is book an appointment at:

According to project coordinator, Suzi Christoffersen, the material library's main purpose is to make working with sustainability as simple and transparent as possible. It may not be possible for companies to run their entire production 100 % sustainably, but the material library can help designers, purchasers and production managers, to get started. The hope is to prove that the fashion industry can create sustainable solutions without having to compromise on design, price or quality.

While being a step forward, keeping The Fabric Source updated will, in part, rely on the continuous input and advice from the fashion industry and other professionals with relevant knowledge.

For further information contact Project Coordinator Suzi Christoffersen at