Responsible Management of Suppliers – Traceability

Rikke Haurvig
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Wednesday, 3 June 2015
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What are common challenges when tracing raw cotton through complex global supply chains? And how do you mitigate risks and highlight efficiencies in supply management?

At this Fabric Source Session, Susan Macdonald, Business Development Director at CottonConnect will address these and other questions by sharing her knowledge of and concrete experiences with the cotton supply chain.

CottonConnect is a pioneering company with a social purpose, which delivers business benefits to retailers and brands by creating more sustainable cotton supply chains. CottonConnect has been working with the sustainable cotton supply chain since 2009 and has developed a vast amount of knowledge about the field.

FORM: Lecture (held in Danish)
DATE: Thursday, 11 June at 15.30 PM - 17.00 PM
REGISTRATION: See invite in the right hand panel